Poz & Herpes

sexy 292As the two main parts of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), Poz and herpes have long been the symbols of STD. We all know that the society still has wrong assumptions towards STD people nowadays, most people would think they must get the HIV virus or herpes virus by getting mess and unprotected sex. That’s wrong but these wrong assumptions actually exist. All these make STD people especially Poz and Herpes people living hard in the society. All I wrote before is based on the investigation among 1.15 million active members in our poz dating community and local herpes dating site.

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HIV Positive And Herpes

bisexualityAs two important parts of STD, both of HIV and herpes are hard disease for who mankind to overcome. But with the modern advanced medical technology, HIV and herpes are more like chronic conditions. So now HIV are not a dead sentence and herpes is not that hard to overcome. But due to unclean life style, unprotected sex and etc, people are still easily get chances to be contracted with HIV and herpes.

With the modern advanced medical technology, it’s not mean they will not happen anymore, there are still so so many people suffering from the STD, and most people are still afraid of being close to HIV and herpes people, so the social life, friendships searching and dating are problems for them to overcome.

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Celebrities with Herpes You never Knew (part3)

david-beckhamDavid Beckham. This athlete, model and soccer sensation was reported to have suffered from herpes. This successful soccer player was suspected or contracted this virus from his wife Victoria Beckham. Local herpes dating.

Justin Timberlake. This successful artist has dated so many women, and the most probable people he was contracted this virus from was his wife Jessica Biel. When one person is having herpes, the company would be prone to be contracted with herpes. Local herpes dating.

Kate Moss. She is a trendy model and actor. The rumor shows that she has been on drug of her being infected with herpes is almost confirmed. It’s not clear that who brought the herpes virus for her. Seems like she has been doing herpes dating.

Robin Williams. The famous start-up comedy actor is also on the list of celebrities with herpes. His suffering from herpes gone public when he was sued by his ex-girlfriend in 1986. This girl was so unlucky for this kind of herpes dating.

Janet Jackson. This film producer and song writer also suffer from herpes. It came to public when her chef told that she used her chef’s name to get herpes medicine.

Orlando Bloom. This well-known Hollywood actor was also on the list of celebrities with herpes. Its reported that he get contracted herpes from Vanessa Minnillo.

The others such as Colin Farrell, Chris Brown(Rihanna’s boyfriend), Derek Jeter(Seems like a herpes virus loader), Michael Vick, Joshua Jackson, Anne Heche, Fred Durst, Tony Bennet. There are so many celebrities with herpes due to their unprotected sex.

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Celebrities with Herpes You never Knew (part2)

katie-holmesRihanna. The black nightingale were spotted together with her boyfriend having scars in their lips which is the result of herpes infection. There were reports from her denying it, but the photo evidence shows it.

Brad Pitt. He is one of the celebrities that have herpes. The one of the most successful Hollywood divorced actors is said to infected with herpes before his first marriage with Jennifer Aniston.

Jessica Biel. This beautiful and gorgeous lady has been one of the celebrities with herpes. What’s the most interesting of her is that the source of her herpes infection is the same person who infected Jessica Alba and Scarlet Johansson-Derek Jeter. It seems that herpes dating was popular.

Pamela Anderson. This model and television producer has also been the victim of the virus called herpes.

Katie Holmes. This model is suffering from herpes for several years, her study at Columbia University and Notre Dame Academy has made her a great modelling and acting career.

Mariah Carey. She is on the list of people who have contracted herpes from Derek Jeter. It seems that Derek Jeter has made so many famous celebrities hard times to cure it. Local herpes dating seems very fun.

Alyssa Milano. This famous actor singer and television producer, has also contracted herpes from Derek, It seems that Derek has been the herpes distribution center.

Michael Jackson. He was suspected to have herpes. There is an evidence when he was sued by a woman in the court on the charges that he transmitted herpes to her.

The following part of celebrities with herpes will be added on my next blog next day, appreciate for your following.

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Celebrities with herpes you never knew

britney-spearsHerpes is a kind of viral infectious disease which is caused by herpes simplex virus comprising of HSV-1 and HSV-2 respectively. The most common form of this virus is genital herpes also referred as herpes. Different walks of life people would affect by herpes, but the most attention-caused people are celebrities.

As with the popularity and widely-followed the celebrities received, people would also like to know what they are doing and what they are going through, so celebrities suffer more than the herpes disease itself. Below is the list of celebrities who suffer from herpes and also some other kind of STD.

Jessica Alba. She is part of the celebrities who suffer from herpes. She turned actor got this disease from her ex-boyfriend named Derek Jeter.

Paris Hilton. There is a rumour that Hilton suffered from genital herpes. She got a public prescription for medicine used for genital herpes.

Scarlett Johansson. She is said to have contracted herpes from Derek Jeter whom Jessica Alba got infected from. But Scarlett Johansson is reported to recover from the herpes disease.

Kim Kardashian. This dream girl of so many people all across America is one of the celebrities who got herpes. She was photographed once with a infectious lip which is probably herpes.

Britney Spears. She was seeing buying medicine to treat herpes.

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Two Important Parts of STD

spiritual-needsSTD as known as sexually transmitted disease, is the general saying of all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, genital herpes and ect. The most important two parts of STD are HIV and herpes. But now, we are not going to talk about the causes and cures of these two kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, because there are so many similar information about this. What we are going to talk about is the love, dating and support problems of HIV positive and herpes people in the world.

You may found that I used the word “problem” for the HIV positive and herpes dating for STD people. Yes there are surely exist problems for HIV positive and herpes people due to their particular situations. HIV and herpes are sexually transmitted diseases, and sex always connect with dating, people would be afraid of getting transmitted by the HIV positive and herpes people, and that’s why there are problems on HIV positive and herpes dating.

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Symptoms of Herpes

41879-letter2bhdHerpes as we all know,  is a disease that is transmitted by an herpes infected person to another uninfected person through unprotected sex. Or simply, it’s a kind of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). During the onset of an infection, the symptoms only starts to appear after the infection have spread internally to most parts of the body system.

Lesions: The major symptom of herpes is the development of lesions on some parts of the human skin. The primary part of the skin been affected could be the genital area, the rectum, and even sometimes also be found on the mouth. Which is the most awkward thing in the herpes dating situation.

Itching: The appearance of the lesions could cause irritations leads to itching. Itching at various parts of the skin that have appeared lesions is pretty common.

Discomfort and Fever: The herpes infections would appear symptoms just like flu ranging from discomfort to fever. In most of the time, the herpes infected patient would experience muscle pain and headache.

There are still so many symptoms of the herpes infected patients, and all above are the major ones. If you feel inconvenient and awkward in the dating, why not try our herpes dating site which has over 1130000 active members all over the world. Everyone here shares the same situations like you do, you do not need to be shamed here, you can do what you want to do and be yourself here.

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